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 American Champion


July 26, 2003, Ella and Courtney win 
Group 3rd at Lacawanna Kennel Club


Ella bounced into our lives and hearts in November 2001.   Those first few months in our home, Ella grew and prepared to take her place in the show ring.  On St. Patrick's Day 2002, Ella was exposed to the world of dog shows at the Elmira Kennel Club all breed sanctioned match show.  That day Ella won Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy in Match .  Ella also won the hearts of spectators and exhibitors.  On July 6, 2002, Ella completed her championship from the puppy class with five majors and B.O.S. wins over specials.  All before nine and a half months of age. 

After Ella's whirlwind show career to complete her championship she remained at Ruthellen's home to mature and prepare for her specials debut with Ruthellen after Margarita's retirement at the end of the 2002 show calendar.

The close of 2002 brought with it the exciting news that Margarita was the #1 Havanese bitch for that year.  Many conversations brought the decision that Margarita would postpone motherhood for one more year to continue her show career with Ruthellen.

Now what to do with Ella???

Ella was already entered for the 2003 Westminister Kennel Club show.  Her cords were developing nicely.  She was ready but ... Ruthellen was now committed to show Margarita.

The solution ..... 

Ruthellen's daughter - COURTNEY NORRIS!

Courtney has attended dog shows and shown dogs her entire life.   Ella loves her and she loves Ella.  What could be better? 

Courtney and Ella will bring to the ring the youthful energy and excitement of two teenagers, Ella's outstanding conformation and enjoyment of showing and Courtney's poise and knowledge as a third generation dog show exhibitor.

The ones to watch in 2003.
Courtney and Ella

Zujero Private Dancer DeVita was bred by Gabrielle and Donald Rhodes
and acquired from Jerry Podell.
Ella is co-owned with Ruthellen Viall.
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