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Margarita Rose won my heart and soul at first sight the day I drove to New Jersey to purchase her as a nine week old puppy.  Since that September 2000 day my love for her has continued to grow.  She was my first Havanese and my first show dog.
Margarita Rose and Ruthellen made their specials debut at Westminister Kennel Club February 11, 2002.  The results was BEST OF BREED.   2002 continued to be a wonderful year for this duo.  With limited showing Margarita and Ruthellen ended the year as the #1 Havanese bitch
Plans for motherhood, for Margarita, have been put on hold so she can continue her promising specials career.
This change also means a new handler for our, young Champion Zujero Private Dancer DeVita who was suppose to make her specials debut with Ruthellen in 2003.  We believe that we have found the ideal choice
Ruthellen & Margarita Rose
Breeder and co-cowner, Ilona Raia
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